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Culture, Methodology and Industry experience as an inseparable unit

We don’t just think about technology, but about holistic solutions. For us, perfect solutions emerge from the unity of three competencies: Culture, Methodology, Professionalism. Or expressed differently: Humanity, Technical mastery, Industry experience.

For our customers, we are a fair partner, strategic companion and operative accelerator in one. The excellent education of our colleagues ensures that these principles are internalised and lived every day.

The foundation of all projects is the appreciative interaction with colleagues and customers. Regardless of whether our colleagues are needed as leaders or as operative partners, they always fit in the existing team structure with sensitivity. viadee employees are, therefore, in the most positive meaning of the word, integration experts. In line with the triad “Human. Methodical. Specialist.” They perfectly participate in the company of the customer, team structures and existing processes.

Our main objective always is a long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation. We understand the fear and reservation towards consultants in general; especially concerning organisational and technological changes. Our colleagues are optimally trained to patiently reduce the fear of contact with new topics and working methods and to create a supportable solution together with our customers.

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A solution is perfect when it seamlessly integrates into your company. Therefore, we think and work from the interaction of three competencies. The viadee triad means: getting involved in a team structure with human sensitivity, applying the optimal methods and using a profound industry knowledge at the same time.

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People from viadee are simply a better fit for your company. That’s because they are trained to integrate into your teams and tasks by using their social skills. As consultants, partners and colleagues, they excite people for your purposes. They reduce the fear of contact with new topics and handle the controversial points in a highly integrative manner. While doing so they always remain focused on your business objective.

Our Approach

Our colleagues connect excellent method skills in project management, collaborative work, business process automation and application development with industry-specific expert knowledge. With the specialist knowledge that we have acquired in more than 1.500 projects over 20 years, we have well-founded experience in particular industries.

That involves topics like policy and account management for insurance companies and banks, inventory management in trade and many other areas. We know how your industry works, speak your language and know, what the specific terms are about. With the know-how of our all-rounders and experts connected with great innovation force, we offer you a new view on industry-specific challenges.

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The most effective methods are always the ones that fit you best. Methodical expertise means more to us than using standardised and certified procedures. In the business analysis, in the technical analysis, in the process and project management and software development, our consultants find the methods and procedures to successfully develop your system landscape. With our experience we rely on a profound best practice knowledge in doing this.

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viadee also finds fitting solutions for complex needs because we quickly understand the characteristics of your business model. The foundation for our holistic consulting services is comprehensive experience in the sectors of Banking, Insurance, Energy Supply, Trade, Services and Logistics.