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BPMN Modeler for Confluence

The BPMN Modeler for Confluence enables you to conduct simple and inexpensive methodical process management. To make this procedure available to everyone and encourage beginners to get a feeling for the many possibilities BPMN has to offer, we provide the BPMN Modeler Free. The free version makes it possible to create BPMN 2.0 process models on Wiki pages. For professional business process modeling and with advanced features use the BPMN Modeler Enterprise.

Run a methodical Process Management approach directly within the Enterprise Wiki

The viadee BPMN Modeler is a lightweight extension for the Enterprise Wiki System Atlassian Confluence. With the BPMN Modeler it is possible to carry out methodically profound process management directly within Confluence. The numerous and valuable advantages of this approach resulted from the extensive project experience of our BPM experts and were the motivation for the development of the plug-in:

  • Companies either use tools like Visio to document, analyse and optimise processes. A central storage and versioning system are missing here. Additionally, these tools do not enable syntax checks, which control the right application of a voice notation like BPMN 2.0.
  • Or companies use expensive specialised BPM tools that can and should only be operated by BPM experts because the modeling licences are very expensive. Often only those who work and think in these processes every day have permission to read the process models. Changes can only be made by a few experts. The effect is that process documentation becomes obsolete. The once tediously created process models don’t match the actual processes anymore.

More than 1.000 installed instances and top ratings

  • More than 1.000 companies worldwide use the BPMN Modeler for Confluence.
  • Since the introduction in 2016, the number of companies has been rising steadily.

Overview – Version comparison

The viadee BPMN Modeler for Confluence is also available as an Enterprise Version. It offers many valuable additional features. An overview can be found here:

Function / Feature Freeware Enterprise
Model diagrams directly in Confluence
Create, view and edit standard-compliant BPMN 2.0 process models
Place your process models anywhere on your Confluence pages
Align or distribute process elements aided by our modeling tool
Edit BPMN 2.0 models directly in our XML editor
Import models from BPMN files e.g. from other BPMN 2.0 compliant modeling tools like the Camunda Modeler, Signavio or Adonis
Copy BPMN diagrams from Confluence pages
Export to BPMN and SVG files
Export to PNG and CSV files, to Confluence-tables as well as using the Confluence PDF and Word export
Import from GitLab or Bitbucket and export to GitLab as well
Save and control all versions of your diagrams
Integration with Comala Document Management Workflows
Compare different models and model versions with visual and textual display of differences
Work collaboratively with version and process element comments
Link to Confluence pages and attachments, other BPMN models and DMN tables, Jira tickets and external websites directly at process elements
View all incoming links to a diagram in one table
Extended Attribute Panel
  • Description of model elements
  • Highlight model elements in custom colors
  • View and edit links
  • View and edit Camunda specific attributes
Integration with Managed Data Fields  - Attach structured data fields to process elements and evaluate their values across process diagrams
Diagram minimap for better orientation in large diagrams
Validate your diagrams against best modelling practices
Token Simulation - Simulate the token flow to detect logical modeling flaws.
Process Net: Visualize (sub-)process dependencies as network graph or table
Keyboard shortcuts, tutorials and a guided tour tour with detailed explanations of all features
Individual settings per diagram
  • Enable or disable display of comments and links
  • Open links to models in a new tab or in place as a pop-up
  • Make version documentation mandatory
  • Customize the look of the modeler (color, zoom-level)
Global Admin Settings
  • Restrict the BPMN modeler to specified Confluence spaces
  • Get an overview over all existing BPMN models
  • Configure default settings for new diagrams
  • Migrate to Confluence Cloud using our Cloud Migration Assistant

* The BPMN Modeler for confluence uses the open source project bpmn.io. We would like to thank the colleagues for this successful project.


Customer Review

Freeversion: „Finally a plug-in that fully supports BPMN 2.0 and is very comfortable to use!“ – Heiko Fricke, Atlassian Marketplace


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