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ViViR®: The tailor-made administration system for pension funds and company pension schemes.

ViViR® – The Management System for pension schemes and occupational pension insurance

Economically. In time. Future-proof.

Digitisation is essential in any industry. With ViViR ®, the tailor-made administration system for pension funds and company pension schemes, we have created a solution that integrates a wide range of (master) data from a variety of sources into one system, enabling evaluations and calculations to be made at the touch of a button, which is currently still time-consuming or has to be carried out by actuaries.

viadee’s solution ViViR ® offers professional pension institutions and company pension schemes in Germany, a comprehensive package of specialist functions for member and pension administration. This includes among others

  • the calculation of pensions and pension expectancies for various types of pension and case constellations,
  • the automated processing of messages in the statutory reporting procedures
  • the management of tasks, reminders and professional approvals
  • as well as the direct communication and offering of services via the member portal ViViR®-on

ViViR ® is not a standard product, but the basis for a tailor-made solution according to your individual needs. This means that we adapt our system to your professional and technical conditions and to the requirements of your employees – and not vice versa. The result is a solution tailored precisely to your needs.

An overview of the ViViR® features

Function / Feature vivir®
Master data administration for members, pensioners, employers and health insurance companies as well as other specialised objects
Calculation and collection of membership fees
Administration of DRV exemptions for employment relationships
Banking interface (incoming and outgoing SEPA payment transactions)
Accounting interface (delivery of key figures to financial accounting)
Interface legal reporting procedures
  • automatic processing of employer notifications
  • Reporting pension payments to the ZfA
  • Connection of components for the paying agent reporting procedure
ViViR CPU  ViViR® Pension Calculator- Calculation of pension entitlements for various types of pensions and case constellations
  • Projections with and without further contribution payments
  • Calculation for an early or deferred pension start
  • Calculation of target values taking into account possibilities for higher supply
Payment of pensions to pensioners
  • Determination and payment of contributions to health and long-term care insurance
  • Payment of seizure amounts to possible creditors
Management and preparation of letters to members and pensioners
  • Output to PDF - without dependencies on Office products or other tools
  • Administration of standards, e.g. for printing scanned signatures and assignment of clerks
Evaluations, statistics and actuarial forecasts
Management of functional releases, tasks and reminders in the system
  • Organisation of representation arrangements
  • Department based distribution of tasks
lightweight role-based authorisation system
asynchronous processing of data in batch


All technologies we use are OpenSource technologies. They are therefore manufacturer-independent and can be used free of license costs. This secures your investment permanently.

  • Spring (Batch, Boot, Core, Data, Web)
  • vaadin
  • Apache Tomcat
  • JasperReports

vivir CPU  ViViR®-on – Self-disclosure for members

In addition to ViViR ®, we offer the portal “ViViR®-on” an independent platform for your members.

ViViR®-on to get in contact with you digitally and to handle their concerns online. Uncomplicated, secure and always available. ViViR®-on offers your members a variety of functions, including:

  • Messaging portal for direct communication with your pension fund
  • Document archive for quick retrieval of documents such as contribution receipts
  • Administration of contact and address data, relatives
  • Management of bank accounts and SEPA mandates
  • Committee portal for committee members

In addition, ViViR®-on offers your members the opportunity to inform themselves online about their current pension entitlement and options. With the ViViR®-on entitlement calculator, various scenarios can be calculated at the push of a button:

  • Projections with and without further contribution payments
  • Calculation for an early or deferred pension start
  • Consideration of different income and contribution scenarios
  • Calculation of target values (pension start date and/or pension level) taking into account the possibility of voluntary contribution payments

This enables your members to deal comprehensively with the various scenarios and improves preparation for additional individual consultation on site.

ViViR®-on is a modern, state-of-the-art web application with the highest standards of security and data protection. The data of your members are professionally protected and all business processes can be secured by a 2-factor authentication via SMS and e-mail. ViViR®-on can be used in connection with ViViR® or as a stand-alone application with connection to existing systems. Hosting can be done on your systems, by an external provider or by viadee. Please contact us.


Mirko Czesla

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Björn Meschede
– Senior-Berater

Tel: +49 251 777 77 0

Dirk Kersting - Head of Department Member Administration, Versorgungswerk der Apothekerkammer Westfalen-Lippe

ViViR® facilitates the daily work in the administration and at the same time opens up new possibilities in the individual consultation of our members. We now have a modern system with which we are prepared for the future.

Dirk Kersting - VAWL