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Reinforcing teams, operating successfully

Building strong IT together

Professional support from our integration experts

Many projects fail because of a lack of expertise or insufficient personnel who can help your team in the right places, take on responsibility, tend to your matters as experts, and make all aspects come together.

We provide you with experienced consultants or entire teams to assist you in different roles and various phases of your projects.

  • Project manager
  • Method specialist for large IT projects
  • Scrum master
  • Product owner
  • Process owner
  • Agile coach
  • Interim IT manager
  • IT architect
  • Reviewer
  • Legacy migration specialist
  • Specialist for data-driven decisions
  • Change manager
  • Requirements engineer
  • Process engineer, in particular BPMN
  • Business analyst
  • Front-end developer
  • Back-end developer
  • Specialist for process automation
  • Specialist for application integration
  • BI specialist
  • Test manager
  • Test automation specialist
  • IT security auditor
  • Cloud specialist
  • DevOps specialist
  • ML Ops specialist
  • Security consultant
  • IT security architect
  • Security by design
  • Threat modeller specialist
  • Code reviewer
  • Cloud platform architect
  • Cloud platform engineer
  • Cloud native software engineer
  • Cloud native coach & trainer


Dr. Volker Oshege
– Board Member and Head of Sales

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Do you need support staff for a certain position or perhaps a whole team?

Our Services

Since each and every company is different, our consultants also take an individual approach to each client. Our goal is to relieve the strain on your personnel, to integrate the required knowledge of methods into your team and to work with you to achieve the best possible result. That’s why every employee not only has a technical background and deep specialist knowledge, but is a real team player who gets involved in your team structure with great tact and sensitivity for others. These core skills are essential for understanding the complex nature of your business processes and fitting into existing processes as an integral part of your team.

  1. Coordination and management

    We help you coordinate and manage your projects.

    Profit from the experience of our certified project managers in the classic project environment. We cover all steps of project realisation from the time it commences to the celebration of your success. Whether as a project manager, PM coach or in the form of a project management office (PMO).

    If you work with agile methods, our product owners and Scrum masters are available as coaches or in the role that you want. We also offer your employees training courses that are designed and carried out by our employees. We will gladly help you with your company’s organisational transformation.

  2. IT strategy

    Do you have a legacy application environment? Our integration experts identify reasonable paths for your architecture to evolve between host and multi-cloud options.

    During an architecture-focused consultation, we assess the alignment of your business with your application environment as well as the remaining lifetime value of technologies.

    We have target-oriented, customised solutions based on the 5Rs so that we can handle your legacy IT.

  3. Business analysis and requirements engineering

    A professional analysis and the understanding of processes and requirements should not be underestimated for the success of IT projects. This holds true for both traditional project methods as well as for agile methods, whose aim it is to bundle this responsibility in cross-functional teams, blur the boundaries between role models and redistribute their tasks over time and participants. This, however, doesn’t make this methodological skill set any less important. We would be glad to provide you with experienced coordinators for your project. Cross-functionality is an important part of viadee’s DNA. We work in a systematic manner in the analysis phase and focus on goals, feasibility, development expenses and the entire architecture, and if need be, we take on the role of product owner.

  4. IT architecture

    Architecture is the sum total of decisions made about design that are hard to reverse: that’s why its very important to mull over decisions and bring in an independent perspective from outside. We’d be happy to help you with this as required, either on a continuous basis or in specific matters, on a project level or at a corporate level:

    • Methods consulting and evolutionary architecture in an agile environment
    • Reviews
    • From EAM to application architecture, from workflows to the cloud
    • Tooling and development processes, ADR

  5. Quality and test management

    Even if the Scrum team is responsible for quality on a whole, additional skilled experts with an arsenal of methods and strength of character are still required for project-related quality assurance. After all, they will often give you the upper hand to achieve the happy ending wanted for a project. We’d also be happy to assist cross-divisional teams and architecture teams who generally attend to test procedures and training courses as well as requirements and tools or who manage production or test data and their quality and credibility.

  6. Operations

    Operational aspects are only relevant for successful teams, or to put it differently: many IT projects (especially data science projects) falter on the home stretch. You can prevent this by bringing personnel on board the team whose experience allows them to keep a clear head and also think about releases, fallbacks, logging, monitoring and scaling.

    • DevOps role models with CI/CD experience
    • Technology overseers and infrastructure-as-code fans, e.g. for Kubernetes and GitOps
    • • Cloud specialists with a cross-platform overview of costs

  7. IT security

    IT security plays a decisive role in all phases of software development. Professional software development focuses on factoring IT security into an application’s life cycle at increasingly earlier stages. We’re happy to lend a hand here:

    • Our certified IT security architects provide assistance with the security by design, risk analyses and project preparation.
    • We guide your software development by implementing secure software development models and by providing our trained software developers.
    • At the same time or after development, we enhance your quality assurance with code reviews, penetration tests or other security audits.

  8. Cloud Native

    We help our customers to make optimal use of the possibilities offered by cloud technologies. From cloud platforms that make development teams more efficient by giving them the opportunity and responsibility to allocate all required resources on their own, all the way to the development of specific application systems. We handle the entire cloud native technology stack on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud as well as on-premises!

    • Development of cloud road maps and advice on strategic matters
    • Establishment of cloud platforms, based in particular on Kubernetes and cloud native technologies
    • Cloud native software development with modern technologies such as Serverless, Quarkus/Micronauts, etc.
    • Methods-based coaching and technical training of teams, e.g. on GitOps


Tell us your ideas and plans – we collaborate with you to find the solution that best fits your requirements, your technical set-up and your budget!

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