From strategy right through to implementation

Our service commitment

Methodological expertise, project experience, profound technical knowledge in a diverse range of industries as well as the soft skills of our IT consultants are the pillars upon which our success is built and the reason why are customers are so satisfied.

They are the only way we can understand the complex nature of our clients’ business processes and create solutions for information technology that will withstand the test of time. We don’t just provide advice here, we also put it into action. And we can gladly do this for you, too!


Dr. Volker Oshege
– Board Member and Head of Sales

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Projects are just as diverse as the customers themselves. We know precisely how to find the solution that will generate clear added value and achieve real success, both right now and well into the future. Whether agile or classic approaches, short-term or long-term perspectives, we select the method that best suits your individual situation.

We have worked on over 1,500 projects over the past 25 years and gathered a wealth of experience in specific industries. We’ve tackled topics ranging from inventory management at insurance companies and banks to merchandise management in retail as well as many more other areas. We know what makes your industry tick, we speak your language and know the true meaning behind specific terms.

A key trait of our consultants is that they all know what they’re talking about. Each of them has a technical background. We use this expertise to provide you with a fresh perspective of industry-specific challenges and to solve complex questions.

Trustworthy, kind and fair: these words aren’t just empty buzzwords, they are the values that guide our actions. Constructive, open and honest interactions – both in-house at viadee and in customer projects – are the basis for successful cooperation.

The life cycles for products and technology are constantly getting shorter. We develop new ideas and innovations in our in-house, customer-wide R&D department and allocate a large budget for this purpose in order not to just keep pace with this development, but to always keep one step ahead of it.

Dr. Volker Oshege – Member of the Board and Head of Sales

„Since each and every company is different, our consultants also take an individual approach to each client. That’s how we develop IT solutions to help you successfully implement your goals in a sustainable manner. We utilise state-of-the-art methods and tried-and-tested technologies in our work. Upon your request, we will assist you through all stages of your project: from the analysis and design to implementation and maintenance. Our experienced project managers accompany and guide all project phases – both in classic and agile project environments.“

Tailor-made solutions

Select the area where you need help and learn more about our problem-solving skills. We’re skilled at developing customised software, automating processes and utilising data science. Put us in charge of your projects, your systems or other sub-aspects and let us help guide you through your organisational transformation.

Individual software development

Tailor-made solutions for your company

We develop IT solutions to help you successfully implement your goals in a sustainable manner. We utilise state-of-the-art methods and tried-and-tested technologies in our work – no matter who the providers are. Upon your request, we will assist you through all stages of your project and also take over operating your applications in the cloud.

Managed Services

Our responsibility – your success

Give us complete responsibility over your system, starting with the development of a customised software for your application to operations, or as part of your legacy strategy. Benefit from the quality management skills of our experienced test centre employees who’ve already mastered numerous challenges using our mateo product.

Reinforcing teams

We ensure the success of your project.

We provide you with experienced consultants or entire teams to assist you in different roles and various phases of your projects.

Organisational development

Designing change

An increasing number of companies are shifting their focus to people and collaborative synergies to achieve success in a complex working world. We guide you along the way to making changes to your working culture.

Process management & -automation

Processes attuned to man and machine

Benefit from our process management expertise. From crafting process maps to automating processes with BPMN, DMN and RPA, we devise solutions which make your company thrive over the long run with people, processes and technology all in tune with each other.

Data Science

Collecting valuable data

With modern BI and AI methods and the foundation of sophisticated software engineering, you can access new sources of information and optimally design your business processes. We offer our support with co-thinkers and architects.