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Agile methods – agile software development

Agile and flexible development processes are unavoidable in maintaining competitiveness and innovation. After all, the time-to-market cycles for IT-supported products and solutions are becoming shorter and shorter. Today, companies must be able to use the dynamic market situation to their advantage by being able to make product adaptations faster than the competition through shorter development cycles. This requires lean management processes and innovative procedures in software development. Viadee supports companies in the introduction and implementation of agile approaches like Scrum and Kanban, as well as the respective technologies for a future-oriented product and system development.

  1. Coaching

    Our consultants help you with the introduction and establishment of the agile values and approach models. We support you actively in the transformation and also during the implementation of agile roles in projects; from concrete agile pilot projects to a functioning organisation.

  2. Methods

    We support you methodically with Scrum and Kanban – in projects with one or more teams. We practise LeSS and SAFe in a scaled agile environment. With clean code and test-driven development, we increase the efficiency of your teams.

  3. Technologies

    Agile excellence requires technical support. Make your architecture more flexible with Docker and Microservices. Integrate your functionality with CD/CI and Jenkins. Reduce your manual effort by automated testing.

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Benedikt Uckat

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Agile Methods – Service Portfolio

  1. Execution of operative roles in agile projects

    • > 50 certified Professional Scrum Masters (
    • > 10 certified Professional Scrum Product Owners (
    • Agile Architects, Business Analysts, Developers und Testers
    • Scrum Coaching multiple Teams „On-the-Job“
    • Expertise in Kanban

  2. Support in the agile transformation

    • Transition from classical approaches to agile methods
    • Hybrid project management with PRINCE 2 and PMI
    • Scaled Agile – Selection of effective methods and procedures from LeSS, SAFe and Nexus
    • Preparation of the management for changes in the management environment.

  3. Introduction of agile development practices

    • Incremental architectural designs, micro services and cutting of user stories
    • Test-driven development and Test automation
    • Continuous Integration and Deployment Pipelines
    • Automated acceptance tests with viadee Testframework

  4. Selection and intorduction of agile tools

    • Introduction of Atlassian Jira for agile Project organisation
    • Introduction of Atlassian Confluence for agile Conception and Specification
    • Introduction of an agile development infrastructure with Maven, git, Junit, SonarCube, Nexus, Jenkins, Docker