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Using undetected potential

If glasses improve perception, explainable artificial intelligence is glasses for data.

Artificial Intelligence? Yes, but with a business case please

Data Science and procedures of artificial intelligence have proven to be a profitable IT component in many lines of business, especially when data is already being collected. It often turns out that even small data repositories contain an added value, which is made accessible through machine learning. If the amount of data and the frequency of generation increases, big and fast data technologies help to analyse and develop further business cases.

With our experience in the areas of artificial intelligence, data science and their sustainable integration, we support you in the development of your business case and the integration of AI technologies into the application.


We are happy to support you in any way that suits you:
  1. Demystify and identify potentials

    • AI: What is it about? Making methods and potential understandable
    • "What's a good opportunity?", "What can I do with my data?" - as a workshop, for example.

  2. Explaining relationships in data

    • An analysis of your data using data science and data mining methods helps to identify new relationships and uncover potential.
    • The use of Explainable AI creates transparency and traceability

  3. Implementing machine learning

    • As a data scientist, BI specialist, architect, reviewer or project manager, we support your machine learning project or implement it on behalf of you.
    • Customer segmentation, forecasting, anomaly detection etc.

  4. Using Operations Research

    • Do you need support for your optimisation project? We help you with problem modeling and the use of efficient solution methods and technologies
    • Personnel planning, route planning etc.

Why viadee?

Successful AI projects need more than just algorithms. We bring together understanding problems, methods and experience and build bridges for you. With our data science skills, we operate DWH infrastructures for financial institutes, complex business rules systems and move along business processes and IT architectures for large companies. On-premise or in the cloud: individual, together and fitting to your framework.


Mirko Czesla

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Supporting and automating specialist decisions

Recommended actions help people to make consistent and comprehensible decisions by making the relevant decision criteria and their connections transparent during the application. Many of these recommended actions are based on the experience of experts. They are implemented as fixed rules in the to be decided situation of a domain. More complex connections are often heavily simplified and don’t reflect reality accurately. That leads to similar or the same situations receiving different decisions, which creates inconsistencies.

Explainable artificial intelligence enables learning about complex relationships and providing these to human decision-makers in the form of transparent recommended actions. Recommended actions based on artificial intelligence; therefore, responsibly support people instead of AI taking over the entire decision-making authority.

The entire decision-making authority can only be given to AI models when the decisions are traceable and safe enough. Suitable procedures offer safety data on that, which give statements about the quality of the decisions.

Integration into the IT company environment

The data analysis and the individual AI Model offer many insights and show that AI methods can be applied profitably. However, AI models have to be integrated into your business processes and data environment sustainably. As a long-term partner for company and IT architectures, as well as digitisation of business processes and the automation of these, viadee has gained extensive experiences in these areas.

Zitat Grady Booch - Künstliche Intelligenz setzt Software Engineering voraus

Our key competence is the integration of AI models, be it a machine learning model or a rule engine, into your business processes right through to operations and performance measurement. Project management, governance and administration structures for automation are also an essential part of successful AI integration. In the end, communication between knowledge carriers, software developers and the BI department is needed to make artificial intelligence successful.

Explainable artificial intelligence instead of a blackbox

Safe and traceable decisions are, depending on the application area, legally required. Therefore, viadee provides an analysis of the explainability of decisions from AI models with every project – keyword Explainable AI (XAI). Together with you, we get to the bottom of the learned model, since procedures like deep learning often make meaningful decisions,

  • that can’t be described by rules sets,
  • are reserved for knowledge carriers due to many years of experience or
  • need specialists and external service providers.

Each decision and forecast of our AI models can be analysed individually or in general and the factors involved can be explained. The knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and the triggers of a decision are made transparent to you so that you can use this knowledge about new rules and causalities independently of automatisms.