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Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse solutions

The topics Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse have been a strategic development focus since the foundation of viadee. As a manufacturer-independent consulting company, we support our customers in the optimal implementation of their individual Business Intelligence strategy. We offer comprehensive services from the conception to the implementation, in sub-projects or also in the entire realisation of your Enterprise Data Warehouse.

Business Intelligence (BI) – Service Portfolio

  1. Architecture consulting

    • Architecture workshop to create modern, robust and scalable BI solutions
    • Consulting for the adaptation and optimisation of existing BI systems
    • Support during the introduction of big-data architectures
    • Modernisation and cost reduction through migration of the ETL processes from host to UNIX/Linux-based systems
    • OSBI: Introduction and use of Open Source BI tools for your BI solution

  2. Technical Optimisation

    • Performance improvement of the ETL-Processes
    • Parallelisation of the ETL-Processes
    • Automated Testing of the entire BI-Stack
    • Audit-proof and reliable Deployment
    • Optimisation of the maintainability and expandability of the Processes
    • Introdution of processes fort he central error tracking and error fixing

  3. Agility in BI-Development

    • Quick extensibility in case of changes in the data model of the source systems
    • Adhoc evaluations by specialist departments, sandbox reporting, self-service BI
    • Introduction to Data-Vault-Method

  4. Data Mining/Predictive Analytics

    • Objective, fact based selection of target groups for advertising campaigns
    • Prognosis of cancellations, loyalty analysis
    • Sales forecasts and optimisation of logistics management
    • Support with tool selection

  5. Execution of operative roles in projects

    • 15 Consultants with focus BI
    • 12 certified consultants „SAS/Base“
    • 2 Certified BI Professionals
    • 1 certified Data-Vault-Architect
    • Technical conception, requirements analysis, project management and quality assurance
    • Implementation of the entire range of data sources, ETL, DWH up to reporting


SAS is a market-leading provider for statistical analysis, Data Mining, Data Warehouse solutions and Business Intelligence. As long-term “SAS Silver Partner “we have high expertise with a variety of SAS products and can look back on many successful SAS implementations and SAS projects with our customers.

Do you already use SAS in your business? Then we are happy to consult with certified know-how about new developments or architectures with SAS. Do you already know the possibilities of the new SAS Viya ? As SAS partner, we were already allowed to try this product. Please feel free to contact us without any obligation!

If you are considering the use of SAS, we would be happy to share our experience with you and advise you open-endedly. We do not deliver ready-made solutions – listening is our priority.

What is your project? Is it about requirements analysis, data modeling and extraction, building an interactive BI portal or integrating SAS with big data architectures? Together we will find a good solution.


Daniel Schulte

Tel: +49 251 7 77 77 0

Sebastian Reimann

Tel: +49 251 7 77 77 0

Takeover of the system responsibility

You don’t have to do everything yourself


According to your needs, we offer you a wide range of support in the area of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. From a one-day architecture workshop to the complete assumption of responsibility for your DWH – our offer is guaranteed to suit you!

Several of our customers have now placed the overall responsibility for their data warehouse into the proven hands of viadee. In every case, a viadee team of four to eight consultants takes care of the daily business, as well as continuous technical development. We adapt ou team flexibly to your requirements. As a customer, a contact person in the form of the team leader is available to you, who is in charge of project management, the building of know-how etc. The viadee team then takes over from the requirements management through development and quality assurance up to the deployment of all tasks and fits seamlessly into your regulations and processes. A procedure that has already proven itself many times at viadee!

Of course, we are also happy to support you on a smaller scale. Whether it is an architecture review, the introduction of big data technologies or classic sub-projects like the creation of ETL processes, data modelling, the introduction of a data governance organisation or similar projects. We would be happy to talk to you and find the best solution for you!


Timm Euler

Tel: +49 251 7 77 77 0


Did your system grow over many years and isn’t flexible enough to keep up with the requirements? Is the integration of new data sources and technologies a big challenge for your DWH? Are data quality and performance not sufficient anymore?

To meet the requirements of a modern DWH, there are different approaches to choose from, such as data virtualisation, data vault, big data, DWH automation and agile approaches in the DWH environment. Based on our experience from a large number of projects, we will find the right solution for you.


Tobias Otte

Tel: +49 251 7 77 77 0

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