Managed Data Fields

Managed Data Fields

Define, use, and analyze structured Data Fields on Confluence pages.

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Managed Data Fields Confluence App

Managed Data Fields allows Confluence users to globally define structured Data Fields, access and instantiate them with values on Confluence pages, and monitor and analyze these values permanently as they are changed. The Confluence App not only enforces the structured documentation of information but also bundles this information in one place, allowing to conveniently make informed, data-driven business decisions.

Managed Data Fields schema

Field Definition

Field Definitions globally determine the type, structure, and possible selection values for all your Data Fields. We distinguish between the following types of Data Attributes:

  • Text: Free text
  • Date: Calendar date
  • User: Allows to mention Confluence users
  • Dropdown, Option Field: Allow to select one of several predefined selection values
  • Multi-Select: Checkboxes that allow to select none to many predefined selection values

Managed Data Fields also allows to freely combine several of these Data Attributes in one complex Field Definition, allowing to capture a variety of information in one data structure.

Field Definition page

Field Instance

Field Instances carry analyzable data and can be placed on any Confluence page. They always conform to their underlying Field Definition in terms of appearance, defined Data Attributes, and predefined selection values.

Field Instance

Field Query

Field Queries allow to search for Field Instances and bundle the information in one place, no matter where they hide in the jungle of Confluence pages. Thereby, Confluence’s permissions system is fully accounted for by displaying user-dependent results. Keep track of all Field Instances or limit the query to those with specific values and/or in a certain Confluence space. Gain an overview of the current situation either in tabular format…

Field Query Table View

… or configure your personal monitoring dashboard using charts.

Field Query Chart View


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You prefer an explanatory video? Check out our Managed Data Fields Introduction video!

User Manual

Find more information on how to use Managed Data Fields in our User Manual.

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