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Modeling Business Rules with the DMN Modeler for Confluence

Which process manager doesn’t know the following scenarios:

After some time, the logic for important business decisions is buried deep in the code of decentral applications. This means, it is not accessible, especially to technologically responsible employees. Quick and easy changes to business-critical decision rules are only possible with a lot of effort and often cause side effects.

Even when there is technical documentation of the business rules, they are often stored in an unstructured way and are located in different places and folders in the company.

Business Rules Management should be supported by a central application in the company in which business rules can be specified and administered. There, rules should be documented in a methodical way and be easy to find for the relevant user groups. Such an application could be the Enterprise Wiki in which information about business rules can be linked to all other relevant business information.

With our DMN modeler for Confluence, you can achieve these goals – free of charge! Try it here.

DMN (Decision Model and Notation) is the new OMG standard for the modeling and exchange of business rules. In particular, DMN can be used to create decision-making charts that map a set of input values to one or more decision results. The standard DMN enables the exchange of business rules between different modeling tools as well as their execution in Business Rule Engines.

The DMN Modeller for Confluence can be used to model Decision Requirements Diagrams and decision-making charts directly in your company wiki and to place these on the Confluence pages. Decision-making charts are displayed at the respective place and can be opened in full screen mode. If the user has the respective authorisation, the decision-making chart can be edited and new charts can be added immediately. The created business rules correspond to the DMN specification and are saved as versioned attachments to the respective page.


  • Decisions and business rules can be modelled directly in Wiki, framed by accompanying documentation explaining the rules
  • Linking of rules and regulations with other corporate aspects
  • All business rules are in one place and changes are versioned automatically
  • Easy exchange of modelled rules between different standards-compliant modeling tools and development environments
  • Information about business rules is accessible for all employees of the company
  • Standards-compliant DMN rules can be imported with drag and drop
  • Free modeling tool that is available to all employees without installation of additional software


  • Creation, viewing and editing of standards-compliant decision-making charts* (in accordance with the authorisation restrictions of the confluence page)
  • Free placement of decision-making charts within the Confluence page as macro
  • Import of DMN models from other DMN compliant modeling tools
  • Export as .dmn file
  • Versioning and storage of the models as attachment of the Confluence pages
  • Collaboration with colleagues in the creation of rules via the comment function in Confluence

* The DMN Modeler uses the Open Source Project ›


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