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Java – Island, Coffee, Programming language

The exact origin oft he name of the programming language Java is not bindingly communicated. However, it is clear that many IT projects have been implemented successfully with this technology. viadee has relied on the use in B2B at an early stage. Thus Java represents the technological basis for many of our projects. In the following an extract from our projects.

  1. SmartGWT, JBoss Drools, JBoss OptaPlaner

    We provide a self-service platform for the shift planning of call centre agents. The optimal shift distribution is determined based on legal and technical regulations.

  2. JRecord, Apache POI

    We test migration programs in host architectures based on EBCDIC using Excel tables. The process - from uploading the test data to comparing the results - is fully automated.

  3. IBM Websphere, JMS, Lobster, Oracle, Apache JMeter

    We build ESB architectures that mediate many individual RFID-related goods movements between five systems.

  4. Apache Camel, camunda BPM

    We (partially) automate business processes across the entire application environment of an insurance company and also integrate external B2B partners into these business processes.

Our Java Philosophy

For us, the service does not stop at the concept, nor is it limited to the developer role. Instead, when selecting personnel, we already rely on our employees being able to develop ideas with customers as well as being able to implement them themselves. This pays off, especially in the project planning and cost estimation of the projects. We regularly pride ourselves on precise estimates and timely completion of service and fixed price projects.

Current blog entries

We have already successfully implemented many IT projects on the basis of Java technology and have thus accumulated considerable expertise. This is also reflected in the viadee-Blog. In the Java Blog you will also find exciting articles on topics such as “Clean Code”, JUnit or Scrum.

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