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6 reasons, why Test automation fundamentally changes your

Depending on the maturity level of software, it may be necessary to re-test existing system components. This is to ensure that the business processes continue to be supported correctly by the software after an adjustment or enhancement has been made in another part of the test object. The older a piece of software becomes, the higher the proportion of these so-called regression tests. At this point, the use of automated test cases is more than just an alternative – test automation will fundamentally change your business.

You finally have time for the important thingsYou finally have time for the important things

You save budgetYou save budget

You test absolutely audit-proofYou test absolutely audit-proof

You can customize the toolYou can customize the tool

You test end-to-end - like a human - only much fasterYou test end-to-end - like a human - only much faster

You break through boundariesYou break through boundaries

  1. You finally have time for the important things

    When you automate your test activities with mateo, you free yourself from work that is often tedious for people due to many repetitions.

  2. You save budget

    Once the test case has been created, the automated execution of tests with multiple execution results in significant cost advantages compared to manual execution.

  3. You test absolutely audit-proof

    With automated tests, you ensure identical test runs. There are guaranteed no (manual) errors. With mateo you can test in an audit-proof manner.

  4. You can customize the tool

    Missing feature? No problem! mateo becomes your framework because its architecture offers the easy way to adapt it to your individual needs or to extend it.

  5. You test end-to-end - like a human - only much faster

    With mateo you can test along the entire business process - in the same way, that a human would test.

  6. You break through boundaries

    mateo is the only one of its kind that supports the analysis of screen contents for strings to check text contents that are graphically displayed and not locally addressable.

mateo Softwarebox

mateo – efficient und inexpensive

With mateo (formerly viadee Testframework) you can automate test runs along your entire business processes without media breaks. Based on Java, it is versatile, easy to configure and individually extendable for you. In addition to testing Windows and web applications, version 2.0 also allows you to test mobile applications under iOS and Android. With mateo, viadee has developed a tool that makes the decision for a test automation tool easy.

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