GitOps & Flux – Make your Kubernetes deployments more transparent and secure

Free Web Session, July 29th, 3 p.m. (GMT+2; local time in Germany)

GitOps is a highly popular DevOps approach that lets you define your Kubernetes cluster state through git commits. Weaveworks flux is one of the first solutions that supports GitOps in your kubernetes cluster and the CNFC recommends you to adopt it. Learn more about both by joining our Web Session!

Why should I learn about GitOps?

The core idea of GitOps is to operate your deployments only via commits in a Git repository. You don’t even need write access to your clusters. Instead, your latest commit in the Git repository defines the target state for your deployments whereas the history serves as a baseline for audits or rollbacks.

GitOps allows developers and DevOps engineers to transparently manage deployments in their software development lifecycle while fulfilling security and auditabilitiy requirements.

  • What commit is currently deployed on environment X?
  • Who approved the release of feature Y?
  • What has changed compared to the previous rollout and made the last deployment fail?

If you are asking these questions and answering them takes more than just a few moments, you might want to learn more about GitOps.

Flux: more security, seamless audatability and easy rollbacks

In this session we will discuss the basics and advantages of GitOps and how to implement a GitOps complicit deployment workflow with Flux. Moreover we will go into detail about the main advantages of adopting Flux: increased security, seamless auditability and the possibility to easily rollback faulty versions of your deployments.

We will showcase how Flux can handle different deployment scenarios that are very common in real world projects.

  • One team, one cluster with dev, int and prod environments
  • One team, two clusters (dev/int and prod)
  • Multiple teams in one cluster (Multi-Tenancy)

Participants will learn how to implement a GitOps workflow that fits their needs based on the scenarios outlined above. We will discuss the advantages and restrictions of those scenarios. After this web session participants will have a good understanding about what GitOps is and how Flux can be used to implement a GitOps workflow.

Are you interested in this free web session?

Join us on July 29th at 3 p.m. (GMT+2; local time in Germany)!



Marius Stein viadee Unternehmensberatung AG

Marius Stein is IT consultant at viadee and is part of the competence center Cloud Architectures. He is focused on developing and operating scalable, reliable and secure cloud native solutions.

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