Our Management

People and their achievements have been a decisive factor for our permanent business success since 1994. Their technical and specialist expertise ensures that our customers are provided with cutting-edge knowledge and professional consulting for all their IT projects. We also place great value on the social and personal skills of our employees – a basic prerequisite for understanding our customers and collaborating with them on a partnership basis.


    The responsibility for the viadee is carried by all of us together. The various areas of responsibility are distributed among many different heads based on individual needs and possibilities. It is our deep conviction that responsibility for a larger context can only arise from the assumption of self-responsibility and self-organisation.


    For our customers we are a fair partner, strategic companion and operative accelerator in one. To our employees we want to offer development opportunities and orientation at the same time. In this we are listeners, mentors, sparring partners and - most importantly - colleagues.


    We want to find solutions that deliver excellent results, serve the people and integrate perfectly into the company of our client. Only then are we satisfied.


    We think and work from the interaction of three competencies. Human. Methodical. Specialist. This means, getting involved in a team structure with human sensitivity, applying optimal methodologies and using a profound knowledge at the same time.

Every business is different.

With a high level of methodological competence, technical expertise and, last but not least, humanity, we understand the individual needs of our customers. In close exchange and together with you, we find the best solution. For an outstanding result, we are always ready to go the extra mile.

Dr. Volker Oshege viadee Unternehmensberatung AG Dr. Volker Oshege – Board Member

Dr. Volker Oshege – Board Member

Dr. Volker Oshege started at viadee in 2011. Before, he worked 10 years as a consultant and project manager for an international software company. Since 2013 he has led the Sales department and continues being operationally responsible for trade customers of viadee as Key Account Manager. He was appointed member of the board in January 2020 and is responsible for Sales and Market Development.

“Culture, competence and industry expertise – from the beginning, this triad was an integral component of our company DNA that is embodied by all of our employees.” Dr. Volker Oshege

Rita Helter viadee Unternehmensberatung AG Rita Helter – Board Member

Rita Helter – Board Member

Rita Helter has been at viadee since 2008 and as Head of HR since 2016, she has especially been responsible for recruiting and individual personnel development. As Business Coach she is also working in organizational, personal and team development. In May 2023 she was appointed member of the board and is responsible for Finance, Controlling and Human Resources.

“Extraordinary consulting requires extraordinary personalities. With excellent expertise and an appreciative, collaborative consulting approach, many of the viadee consultants are able to perfectly integrate themselves into the clients' environment and achieve outstanding results.” Rita Helter

Dr. Friedrich Budde viadee Unternehmensberatung AG Dr. Friedrich Budde – Head of Research and Development

Dr. Friedrich Budde – Head of Research & Development

Dr. Friedrich Budde has been at viadee since 1995. As technology and method expert he worked on difficult and complex projects for viadee. In 2007 he opened the branch office in Cologne and established it. Since 2013 he has led the R&D department and has advised his innovation teams and clients in the areas of IT strategy, innovation management and methods as well as agile procedures.

“New solutions, products and services must, above all, do one thing: fit the needs and tasks of the users and integrate excellently into their environment, which means be true integration artists. In the area of research and development, this includes dealing with a wide range of technical issues and – particularly important - dealing with the wishes and challenges of people. Like this, the triad of technical expertise, specialist knowledge and social competence also pervades the research topics of viadee.” Frido Budde

Benedikt Uckat - Leiter Business Development Benedikt Uckat – Head of Business Development


Benedikt Uckat joined viadee in 2010 as an IT and management consultant. As such, he advised specialists and executives on methodological, technological and organizational issues in the corporate disciplines of process management, organizational development and enterprise architecture management. He developed the competence areas “BPM and Process Automation” and “Agile Methods and Organizational Development” holistically with the respective consulting teams and was responsible for the customer projects of these areas. Since 2021, as a member of the management board, he has been responsible for the development of new competence areas as well as for the sustainable establishment of existing competence teams.

"Competence areas at viadee are a hybrid of research chair and start-up in our own company. New competencies, consulting approaches as well as software products are developed with a lot of enthusiasm and a high demand on our own working results. These are directly tested for fit to the actual challenges of our customers. Every employee is given the confidence to take responsibility for entrepreneurial success at an early stage and as part of a team, and thus to develop themselves and viadee in an agile manner - and not according to a master plan. What fascinates me most is the curiosity, the sense of togetherness and the result orientation with which new marketable competencies and solutions are developed by our employees." Benedikt Uckat