Automated Business Processes

Analyse, implement, control and optimise processes


Business Process Management (BPM) aims for the active design of business processes. In doing so, BPM affects operative procedures as well as the company strategy and the design of the IT application environment. With BPMN 2.0 as language notation, a bridge is built between the functional-strategic BPM and the technical process automation. On the one hand, process models can describe on various levels of abstraction how processes should be lived in a company. On the other hand, process models can also be executed in Process Engines through technical enrichment and a standardised, formal BPMN metamodel. The model remains understandable for the professional observer.

Specialist AnalysisSpecialist Analysis

Technical DesignTechnical Design



  1. Specialist Analysis

    We support you with excellent and certified method competence in BPMN 2.0, DMN 1.1, UML and other modeling methods. Together with you, we analyse and design your value-adding processes and support processes.


    We not only consider procedural aspects. The data objects required in the process context are also collected, analysed and, for example, presented in data models and system integration models. Above that, we also bring along expertise in the management of agile software projects for the implementation of the processes, services and interface.


    Viadee supports you with the professional and technical service cut. This way, you achieve modular, loosely coupled services that can easily be integrated into automated processes and therefore, a significantly more flexible application environment.

  4. Coaching

    Viadee consultants help you to harmonise the technical-organisational interplay of business rules and business processes. Together with specialist representatives and the IT, we identify business process and decision logic in applications. We structure these logics into process maps, process profiles and technical process and rule models. A subset of the processes and rules are suitable for automation. Together with you, we plan and realise these projects, e.g. in the context of digitisation efforts.

viadee Process Warehouse

Once you have taken the first steps in the automation of business processes, you may wish for further optimization. With the viadee Process Warehouse, we created a that has never been seen before. During the execution of the processes in the process engine, log data is generated in the form of event records, that is potentially very beneficial for process analysts. They provide information about what actually happens in the processes. The viadee Process Warehouse allows the definition and visualisation of such process key figures directly on the process model.


With the BPMN Modeler for Confluence and the DMN Modeler for Confluence, viadee has created two valuable modeling tools with which you can create and change process and rules models directly in the enterprise wiki.

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