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Establishing a comprehensive understanding of your business processes and understanding them along every step of your value chain is essential for successful business process management (BPM). This is the foundation that makes it possible to design processes in a target-oriented fashion and to successfully continuing developing them. The goal is to achieve smooth-running and reliable processes and to identify potential for optimisation – with efficiency and transparency as the basis for your business success!

This is easier said than done: the larger the company, the more actors there are involved in processes. And if the structure of the company changes, it can also impact the existing business processes. In addition, modern service architectures must not only be integrated for the purpose of automation, but sometimes tasks in legacy systems also need to be integrated with an RPA solution. Keeping an overview of everything is not easy. A professional outside perspective, however, can help you here.

We have many years of experience acquired from working in a diverse range of industries and we can use our interdisciplinary knowledge to provide you with practical and needs-based advice at different levels ranging from organisational development to software development. Our area of expertise ‘BPM and process automation’ is intended to provide you and your company with comprehensive support as well as to help in all the phases of a process management project.


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Need help analysing, implementing or automating your processes?

Our services for your processes

We support you with all aspects of your added-value chain: from analysing your business processes and IT application landscape through to designing holistic solutions to implementation in process automation and the integration of legacy systems. We can rely on tried-and-tested methods and in-house-developed software products at all steps and thus provide you with the best possible assistance.

  1. Analysing processes

    The first step is to systematically analyse the actual state. We do this by asking the right questions, by providing our certified methodological skills to help you and by collaborating with you on your business and support processes.

    Backed by existing data, we also use data science and process mining methods to identify undocumented processes, reveal weaknesses in existing process flows and recognise contextual relationships. We document everything using our Confluence BPMN Modeler which helps all participants keep track of things.

  2. Automating processes

    Our second step is to automate processes, starting from making decisions about technology to designing process applications all the way to operating a process automation platform.

    • A task management system such as Jira can be used in a clever manner to make activities more transparent in an order that is practical.
    • Process engines such as Camunda work very well for coordinating services whose requests are to be combined in a certain sequence and carried out based on business rules. A BPM initiative in this area can be a strategic investment in more flexibility and resilience at the architecture level.

  3. Integrating systems

    We take the entire picture into consideration to help you design and maintain your IT application landscape and your software architecture as well as to design service interfaces in a functional and technical manner. The goal is to create modular and loosely coupled services that can be easily integrated into automated processes and thus contribute to a flexible and sustainable application landscape. RPA mechanisms can also be used to integrate systems without structured interfaces in order to maximise the share of black box processes. Last but not least, AI processes from our Data Science division help automated decisions to be made based on stored data from the past.

  4. Sharing Knowledge

    We collaborate with you to identify business process and decision-making logic in applications and truck factors. We help you to capture this knowledge in a structured manner and document it in a suitable form, for example, in process maps and profiles as well as in technical process models and control models. Our experts take a needs-based approach here and assist you with all points deemed necessary. We would also be pleased to provide you with suitable coaching on process management and process automation or another related area. This might also even involve into the start of a mutual project.

Our offer

We know how complex automation projects can be and what challenges are associated with them. We use our many years of experience to offer you a made-to-measure package that meets your requirements.

BPM: Systematic support

We accompany you through all the phases of process management using suitable methods as based on your requirements. Our consultants utilise the BPMN 2.0 modelling standard to document business processes and will gladly help you take your first steps in this area. Our teams make use of process mining methods and frequently combine them with IT to collect and compare business processes based on existing data. A process warehouse can be used to determine the potential to optimise existing processes.





BPM: a collaborative experience

Our Confluence plug-ins for modelling processes and decision-making rules enable our analysts to develop a common understanding of business processes in your company. Business processes aren’t just modelled once using automatic processes and centralised assessments based on managed data fields and then forgotten. Instead they are experienced collectively and continuously adapted to new requirements and expanded accordingly.




BPM: Technical enabler skills

It takes more than having mere knowledge of business processes in order to successfully operate a process automation platform. Our process developers can always rely on the knowledge of other areas and incorporate it into their work, whether they are using an RPA to connect an interface-free system, securing a process application, for example against unauthorised access, or providing assistance in setting up a process platform in the cloud or in your own data centre.



IT SecurityIT Security


Open Source Contributions to the community

We are a certified Camunda Platinum partner and many of our consultants successfully work with the Camunda Platform. Consultants use the results of past automation projects to generate and provide the Camunda community with open source contributions, which we also share with you. On the GitHub, you’ll find everything from a framework for validating process applications, an extension for the Camunda Modeler in order to display tooltips with technical information, all the way to a mateo test framework bridge to the Camunda platform for the extension of processes through RPA aspects, and much more.






Companies for which we have successfully implemented BPM and RPA projects

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In search of inspiration?

Process management and automation offer us a wealth of opportunities. It would be our pleasure to help you identify your specific requirements. We regard BPM primarily as an aid and guide into a wide variety of application areas. That is why we work closely with the other expert viadee teams, from software development and architecture to the cloud and test automation.


Tell us your ideas and plans – we collaborate with you to find the solution that best fits your requirements, your technical set-up and your budget!

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